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M9 – The Expat Motor Centre of Singapore

Looking after the car requirements of expatriates, M9 Automobile Pte Ltd – the Expat Motor Centre of Singapore, offers convenient vehicular services to our clients. Our services include buying, selling, leasing, renting and import/export of cars. Our company is now a reputed name among car dealers in Singapore with a team of professional staff looking after all the needs of our clients.

Singapore is a busy port city and has become a hub of business activities in the Far East. Every month hundreds of expatriates fly in and out of the city for business purposes. Many of them arrive in Singapore for extended stay while some of them are leaving the country after completion of their stay. M9 aims to be your choice when it comes to expat motor in Singapore as we look after the special needs of expatriates who would require car services to meet their travel requirements in a foreign country.

At M9, we offer car search services to our clients to assist them in finding the right car for them. We will conduct a thorough search of the market to find the car of your dream. We also offer door step viewing for the convenience of our clients and have them do a test drive without the hassle of travelling to our showroom. Many of our clients were happy with our car sourcing service and pleasantly surprised at our efficiency and resourcefulness in getting the cars which they have specified.

Expatriates find buying a vehicle in a foreign country difficult for obvious reasons. They do not know the rules and regulations and do not have much information. M9 Automobile Pte Ltd offers consultancy services to our clients so that they can buy a right car for themselves. Buying a car is not only a cheaper option in the long run but also a convenient one. Our company also provides free car polishing services to clients who have purchased their vehicles through us. M9 also provides selling services to our clients. Expatriates can conveniently contact our company executives and sell their car conveniently. The selling services include taking care of the loans that a client may have taken to fund a car. Our service makes sure that our clients get the right price for their cars depending upon the vehicle’s age and other factors.

Leasing is another popular option to get a car in Singapore. Many expatriate find it easy to lease a car than to buy one. M9 provides excellent leasing services to our client. Some of the highlights of leasing service include freedom from insurance/finance/deposits, free maintenance services, and an option to get a new vehicle after every 2 years.
M9 also offers import/export services to our client. Expats who have to leave the country on a short notice do not have much time to look into the feasibility details and cost-effectiveness of exporting a car to their destination place. Our company provides prompt information and feasibility study to clients to ensure that they can take an informed decision about importing/exporting a car.

M9 Automobile Pte Ltd is the Expat Motor Centre of Singapore which offers one-stop solution for all types of car requirements that expatriates may have in Singapore, and clients can expect to get prompt and effective services delivered every time.


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