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7 Ways to Save Fuel While Driving


It is highly costly to own a car in Singapore. If you find yourself stopping at the gas station too often, here are seven ways to help you save money and relax while driving. Anyway, it’s also for environmental reasons!



Check your car’s wheels at least once a month to ensure they’re properly inflated. This not only minimizes drag on the road, but also gives you better control of your vehicle.


It’s time over some theoretical logic. The lesser weight your car does have, the less fuel you need to travel around. The majority of drivers have become guilty of storing too many items in their car boot, which would include storage containers, golf clubs, and trolleys. By eliminating them, you will more than probably decrease your car’s fuel consumption.


Even when your car is idling, it is still consuming fuel. If you are anticipating a delay time of more than 15 minutes, you could perhaps turn off your car engine.


Do you know how you can cut your fuel consumption by up to 10% by avoiding unnecessary zooms and braking? To avoid these, simply keep a consistent speed and, if possible, anticipate traffic conditions ahead of time. Whenever you are coming to a stop, try to do just that instead of unexpectedly.


Do you have a habit of driving with your windows down? When driving at high velocities, you might just want to wind them back up. Unknown to many, open windows can help decrease the economy by increasing aerodynamic drag. Roof racks and spoilers, for instance, have such an influence on a vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency.


There’s no need for you to “pedal to the metal” unless you’re a racer. By pressing the accelerator, you not only end up wasting fuel, but you’ll also prematurely wear out your car’s gears. And, yes, they are indeed expensive to replace.


A well-tuned engine can lead to significant savings and gas. Your engine burns petrol more wisely when it is working fine. By having your car maintained on a regular schedule, you are producing more energy to drive your car. Another solution to reduce fuel consumption is to get your air filters clean.

Car Buyer Information – How does COE works?


COE stands for Certificate of Entitlement. You will need a COE if you wish to register a brand new car in Singapore. COE quota set by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for the purpose of regulating & controlling the numbers of new cars on Singapore roads so as to avoid over-population.

COEs comes in five categories. A, B, C, D, E respectively. The categories are sub-divided according to the capacity of the car.

CAT A is for cars with a capacity of 1600CC & below & Taxi.
CAT B is for cars above 1600CC.
CAT C is for Goods vehicle & bus.
CAT D is for Motorcycle.
CAT E is ‘Open’ *
(*CAT E COEs are transferable and can be used for any kind of vehicle and capacity, unlike CAT A and B.)

The price of COEs is determined by open bidding from the public and is held on every first and third week of the month, Monday to Wednesday 4pm. An individual or company can submit a bid via ATM or online for an amount they want to bid; the end results will be the amount tendered by the lowest successful bidder. The amount of COE one pays is dependent on the results, not on the submitted bidded amount. Any unsuccessful bidding deposit will be fully refunded but a $2 fee will be chargeable for every bid submitted.

For example, assuming that 1,000 pieces of COE are up for grabs, you could bid $10,000 but if the 1,000th highest bidder places a bid for $100, then $100 is the amount you will end up paying for. The 1,001st bidder and below has to try again at the next COE auction.

There are various ways to bid for a COE; normally most of the new cars dealers would package the COE together with the car price. Upon securing an order from the customer, the dealer would then proceed to bid for a COE. This also means that whatever the current COE premium you see is only entitled to earlier buyers who had participated in the previous bid. So if the current COE premium payable is $2, just too bad – the lucky ones who benefit from the $2 COEs are the ones who bought their car before the bidding. And, not the buyer now rushing into a showroom expecting to buy a $2 COE.

So.. Why wait longer?? Get it before the COEs goes up even higher!

M9 – The Expat Motors Expert In Singapore


As an expatriate in Singapore, knowing where to get the best of things may be difficult, especially if you have just moved here. But when it comes to matters concerning expat motors, M9 Automobile Pte Ltd is the company that you should be looking for. For more than seven years, M9 has been selling cars, both new and pre-owned, leasing or renting out vehicles, and also has been involved in the import/export of cars. You will be pleased to find M9 offers you a one-stop shop for all things related to expat motors.

If you are looking for new cars, M9 has got you covered, as we offer you all the types of cars that you may want. In Singapore, BMW and other Continental cars are the models of choice for expatriates, and M9 has one of the largest supply amongst the expat car dealers. However, if you would like to get other models apart from these, M9 would also be able to get you the car that you want, and do it pretty fast too. As compared to the other car dealers, we would get your car delivered to you in a shorter time, and we do these at the most competitive rates in the market. Since buying a car can be a complicated process which involves a lot of paperwork and you will find it to be quite tedious, we take the liberty of handling all these for you, and we are always at hand to ensure that any questions that you may have concerning the car, or the process of acquiring one, are answered.

M9 Automobile Pte Ltd also offers car rentals, and we have a large selection for you to choose from. There are also contracts that are long-term that you could take up, for up to two years, which are suitable for expatriates who are in Singapore for short stints and it may be impractical to buy a car. The cars that you would be renting come insured comprehensively, and also are well maintained.

There are also some pre-owned cars that you could get to buy, and we offer a huge selection of these. All that you have to do is to inform M9 of the make and model of the car that you are looking for, and we would be at hand to source it for you. And if you have a car to sell, we would also be able to assist you to find a buyer at competitive market rate.

If getting your dream car in Singapore is something that you really do not know how to go about, or that you find the process too complicated, M9 Automobile Pte Ltd would be able to handle this for you. At M9, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations in assisting you with all your expat motors needs.

M9 – The Expat Motor Centre of Singapore


Looking after the car requirements of expatriates, M9 Automobile Pte Ltd – the Expat Motor Centre of Singapore, offers convenient vehicular services to our clients. Our services include buying, selling, leasing, renting and import/export of cars. Our company is now a reputed name among car dealers in Singapore with a team of professional staff looking after all the needs of our clients.

Singapore is a busy port city and has become a hub of business activities in the Far East. Every month hundreds of expatriates fly in and out of the city for business purposes. Many of them arrive in Singapore for extended stay while some of them are leaving the country after completion of their stay. M9 aims to be your choice when it comes to expat motor in Singapore as we look after the special needs of expatriates who would require car services to meet their travel requirements in a foreign country.

At M9, we offer car search services to our clients to assist them in finding the right car for them. We will conduct a thorough search of the market to find the car of your dream. We also offer door step viewing for the convenience of our clients and have them do a test drive without the hassle of travelling to our showroom. Many of our clients were happy with our car sourcing service and pleasantly surprised at our efficiency and resourcefulness in getting the cars which they have specified.

Expatriates find buying a vehicle in a foreign country difficult for obvious reasons. They do not know the rules and regulations and do not have much information. M9 Automobile Pte Ltd offers consultancy services to our clients so that they can buy a right car for themselves. Buying a car is not only a cheaper option in the long run but also a convenient one. Our company also provides free car polishing services to clients who have purchased their vehicles through us. M9 also provides selling services to our clients. Expatriates can conveniently contact our company executives and sell their car conveniently. The selling services include taking care of the loans that a client may have taken to fund a car. Our service makes sure that our clients get the right price for their cars depending upon the vehicle’s age and other factors.

Leasing is another popular option to get a car in Singapore. Many expatriate find it easy to lease a car than to buy one. M9 provides excellent leasing services to our client. Some of the highlights of leasing service include freedom from insurance/finance/deposits, free maintenance services, and an option to get a new vehicle after every 2 years.
M9 also offers import/export services to our client. Expats who have to leave the country on a short notice do not have much time to look into the feasibility details and cost-effectiveness of exporting a car to their destination place. Our company provides prompt information and feasibility study to clients to ensure that they can take an informed decision about importing/exporting a car.

M9 Automobile Pte Ltd is the Expat Motor Centre of Singapore which offers one-stop solution for all types of car requirements that expatriates may have in Singapore, and clients can expect to get prompt and effective services delivered every time.

Expatriate Car Insurance


If you are an expatriate and you have decided to buy a car while working in Singapore, you also have to think about expatriate car insurance. Just like many other countries worldwide, the law requires all vehicles in Singapore to have car insurance. You must be able to show proof of insurance when you renew your road tax. This article provides all important information about car insurance in Singapore.

The rate of car insurance in Singapore varies between insurance companies. Generally, the rate of car insurance here is not much different from the US or most countries in Europe. There are three types of car insurances that you can choose from: comprehensive, third party, and third party fire and theft insurance.

Third-party insurance is the basic insurance policy required by the law. It protects you against legal liability to a third party in case you are involved in an accident that results in property damage and injury. Third-party fire and theft provides additional coverage to the third-party insurance. It covers your car against damage or loss caused by external explosion, theft, fire, self-ignition and lightning. Comprehensive insurance is the most popular insurance in Singapore because it gives the most complete protection. The high prices of cars is the main reason why comprehensive insurance becomes the preferred insurance here.

Before you start searching and comparing between insurance companies, there are several things that you need to consider about expatriate car insurance. The first thing to consider is whether you need to choose comprehensive insurance or third-party insurance. Since most people prefer comprehensive insurance, the rate of this insurance is a bit lower.

The second thing to consider is NCD (No Claim Discount). If you have got NCD from insurance company in your home country, the NCD can be applied here. By showing proof of your valid NCD, you can save a significant amount of money. Another thing to consider is fluctuation. Fluctuations in insurance premiums are very common here. If insurance companies have a terrible year, generally they increase the premium of car insurance in the following year. Sports car is the main victim of the fluctuations and all insurance companies require sports car owners to pay higher premiums. Therefore, if you plan to buy a sports car, it is advisable to evaluate your plan.

Where to get car insurance should also become your consideration. The good news is that there are many reputable local insurance companies that offer great deals on car insurance. The majority of international insurance companies also provide car insurance in Singapore. In order to get the best deal, you need to search and compare policies from several different insurance companies. Most companies allow you to customize your policy to meet your specific needs.

Does the above sound troublesome to you? Well, the good news is that you now can have ease of purchasing motor insurance for your car here in Singapore by just engaging M9 Automobile Pte Ltd. M9 serves as a one-stop centre for all your motoring needs, and the experts at M9 will handle your insurance needs for you, and provide you with specific advice and get the best rate for you in town. Take your mind off the hassle of getting an insurance policy for your car and focus your energy on the better things in life. Leave your needs to the experts at M9 and they will ensure that you have a great, hassle-free experience.

Call or visit M9 Automobile Pte Ltd today for all your expatriate car insurance needs.

Expatriate Car In Singapore


If you are an expatriate and want to drive a car in Singapore, this article will be your best guide to get an expatriate car in Singapore. There are four ways for an expatriate to drive a car in Singapore: importing a car, leasing, renting, and buying a new car. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages and this article will explain to you briefly about each option.

The first option is importing your car to Singapore. Actually importing a car to Singapore is not a recommended choice. There are two obvious reasons not to consider importing your car. The first reason is that there are many strict requirements that your car must meet in order to be able to be imported. The second reason is that the import duties are quite high in Singapore. Moreover, the process may take a while, and may not be worthwhile the effort especially if you are only staying in Singapore for a short period of time. As a general guide, if you are staying in Singapore for less than 3 years, it is advisable not to import your car.

However, if you would really prefer to import your car, some of the common requirements that you need to know include:- your car must be less than 3 years old from the first date of registration; your car is subject to S$10,000 surcharge; your car needs to pass inspection from the LTA, your car’s air conditioning must be CFC-free; etc. While it may seem troublesome to import your car, there are experts in Singapore like M9 Automobile Pte Ltd which can handle the entire process for you and make it hassle-free.

Buying a new or pre-owned car is a better option for expatriate car in Singapore, although the process of buying a new car may also seem complicated to expatriates. All newly launched cars are widely available and it is also easy to find pre-owned cars in Singapore. If you want to buy a car, what you need to consider include: OMV (Open Market Value) of the car, basic Registration Fee (around S$140), Additional Registration Fee (ARF), excise duty, 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST), and the COE (Certificate of Entitlement).

Singapore government uses the COE system to control the number of cars on the road. A new COE document has to be bidded for, and is usually valid for ten years, and it can be extended for another five years without renewal option. In order to get the COE document, you can handle it on your own or you can get a car dealer to help you. You should also buy auto insurance for the car as it is required by the law. Buying a car is a good option if you stay here for more than 3 years.

Leasing a car is also a good option, especially if you work on a fixed-term contract. Many rental companies provide customizable leasing agreement to meet your employment contract. Leasing a car also enables you to use the car in Malaysia. Leasing a car is considered as the least expensive way for expatriates to drive a car in Singapore. The minimum contract for leasing a car is around 2 years. If you are staying in Singapore for a duration shorter than that, then the best option is for you to rent a car. As buying a car is out of consideration when you are in Singapore for such a short duration, and a leasing contract would require commitment for a longer period of time.

In conclusion, buying, leasing and renting a car are three best ways for an expatriate like you to drive a car in Singapore. The key is to find an expert company that will provide you with the best service, best rate, and complete information catering to your needs. M9 Automobile Pte Ltd serves as your one-stop centre for all matters relating to your motoring needs, from import/export, buying, leasing, renting and car insurance service. Have the experts to handle your motoring needs for you without the headaches of studying into the rules, regulations and process. M9 will advise you on the process, address all your enquiries and handle your request expediently.

Call or visit M9 Automobile Pte Ltd today to get your expatriate car in Singapore.

Expat Car Singapore: What You Need To Know


Looking for an expat car Singapore? If you have finally decided to live in Singapore and now starting to organize your life in this new country, getting a car is probably among your important considerations. For an expat there are several ways to get a car. You can either purchase a new car or choose to lease or rent. Although the transportation system in Singapore is efficient, owning a car is still a convenience many expats want to enjoy.

The high quality of living, work opportunities, clean and safe environment, good educational system, childcare system are just among the many reasons why a lot of people have chosen Singapore to be their new home. Not to mention the beautiful shopping malls, endless array of restaurants, parks, and more. If you are an expat in Singapore, these are probably among the many reasons why you have chosen this beautiful Asian country. You often want to enjoy the same convenience you have at home while in this new country and that includes a good and reliable family car.

It is a fact that buying a car in Singapore entails a lot of details and sometimes it becomes difficult to easily acquire this compared with other countries like the US and UK. However, expats needing to get a car in Singapore can benefit from the one-stop service offered by M9 Automobile Pte Ltd for this particular group of clients. Included in these services are car rental, leasing, and purchase facilities. Moreover, M9 also facilitates motor insurance services as part of its one stop service. Motoring services for expats are very important in order to make their transition into their new residence easier and quicker. If you want to get an expat car in Singapore, you need the advice of professionals who will make the whole process seamless and less stressful for you.

Before getting an expat car in Singapore, be sure you know what you are paying for and in the most competitive price without any hidden costs. All expenses should be known to you including the upfront cost which comes with the car purchase. You need to get a dependable service from a company like M9 Automobile Pte Ltd which will be able to ensure that you get all the necessary and accurate information for the car you intended to purchase, lease or rent. One important thing for a new resident to a country is the roadside support and service in the event of road accidents or car breakdown. Being new to a country, you may not necessarily know who to call or how to manage such situations. Fortunately, M9 provides its customers with a round-the-clock roadside assistance for road accidents or car breakdowns.

In addition, you also need to consider when you want to get a car in Singapore is the assistance which can be provided to you in an event that you want to upgrade or change the car you have or sell it when you want to leave Singapore. M9 offers such a service to all its customers, so you can always have M9 as your one-stop centre for all your motoring needs.

Enjoy your new home and live an exciting life as an expat in Singapore, and get the expat car Singapore you deserve through M9 Automobile Pte Ltd. Call us or visit M9’s showroom today!

Expat Car Rental Or Leasing: What Is A Better Option?


If you have finally decided to change residence and live in a new country, then expat car rental and leasing is probably on your list of first things to do. Choosing between renting a car and leasing is often a difficult decision and you need to consider a lot of factors before you can come up with the best decision. Transferring from one country to another is always a tough challenge but brings a lot of opportunities. Excitement is part of the experience and getting yourself organized during the first few months is a challenge.

Will you be living in this new country for good? Or will the transition be limited only for a few years or few months? Which is a better option – renting or leasing a car? Transportation is a very important consideration especially for an expat who brings the entire family with him. Lacking access to transportation will cause inconvenience and may not give you a good heads up in your new place. Quickly deciding on expat car rental/leasing and which option to take is a crucial step.

If you are staying in a country for more than 2 years, the recommended option is to go for car leasing as you get better rates and terms as compared to renting a car. Leasing a car is easy and you do not have to worry about document preparation including taxes, car insurance, and car registration since leasing companies can provide all the important services for you. Forget about car maintenance and servicing because you do not have to worry about this when you lease a car. The most common disadvantages of leasing a car include the excess mileage fees. If you drive a lot you may end up paying for huge fee due to extra mileage. Additionally, if you want to terminate the car lease contract you may need to pay an early termination fee.

If staying in the new country for you is only temporary for less than 2 years, you may consider just renting a car for the entire duration of your stay. Although there are companies which offer long term contracts, renting is often the choice for short term usage. This is also the choice especially if you want to have immediate transportation while still deciding on what car to buy. Many car rental companies offer unlimited mileage and you enjoy driving wherever you want without worrying about exuberant extra mileage fees.

As expats you have to make a lot of adjustments in your new home. The good news is that you can free yourself of all the worries and hassles for your transportation needs in Singapore by engaging the services of M9 Automobile Pte Ltd. M9 offers you a one-stop service for all your transportation needs from car rental, leasing, purchase to motor insurance. Expat car rental/leasing is never difficult when you have the experts from M9 manage it for you.

Call us or visit us today for your motoring needs in Singapore.